London Marathon runners

We have many fine athletes participating in the London Marathon this weekend…

Here are the ones I know of. If I’ve missed anyone, please email their details to


Name Number Start
Mark Banham 20324 Blue
George Clark 12797 Blue
Jackie Collins 53326 Red
Darren Cook 26069 Green
Andy Ellis 37665 Red
Mark Ford 27291 Green
Adrian Goode 29051 Green
Collette Green 17057 Blue
Robin Harper 27006 Green
Ben Jacobs 25933 Green
Rachael Miller 37576 Red
Sarah Proffitt 24719 Green
Ian Sillett 7375 Blue
Dave Solomon 32597 Red
Roger Stone 27085 Green
Hollie Sutherland 56376 Red
Jason Taylor 32055 Red
David Tillett 15667 Blue
Nikos Wilding 17184 Blue



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