London Marathon runners

We have many fine athletes participating in the London Marathon this weekend…

Here are the ones I know of. If I’ve missed anyone, please email their details to


Name Number Start
Mark Banham [vlm-number number=20324] [vlm-colour number=20324]
George Clark [vlm-number number=12797] [vlm-colour number=12797]
Jackie Collins [vlm-number number=53326] [vlm-colour number=53326]
Darren Cook [vlm-number number=26069] [vlm-colour number=26069]
Andy Ellis [vlm-number number=37665] [vlm-colour number=37665]
Mark Ford [vlm-number number=27291] [vlm-colour number=27291]
Adrian Goode [vlm-number number=29051] [vlm-colour number=29051]
Collette Green [vlm-number number=17057] [vlm-colour number=17057]
Robin Harper [vlm-number number=27006] [vlm-colour number=27006]
Ben Jacobs [vlm-number number=25933] [vlm-colour number=25933]
Rachael Miller [vlm-number number=37576] [vlm-colour number=37576]
Sarah Proffitt [vlm-number number=24719] [vlm-colour number=24719]
Ian Sillett [vlm-number number=7375] [vlm-colour number=7375]
Dave Solomon [vlm-number number=32597] [vlm-colour number=32597]
Roger Stone [vlm-number number=27085] [vlm-colour number=27085]
Hollie Sutherland [vlm-number number=56376] [vlm-colour number=56376]
Jason Taylor [vlm-number number=32055] [vlm-colour number=32055]
David Tillett [vlm-number number=15667] [vlm-colour number=15667]
Nikos Wilding [vlm-number number=17184] [vlm-colour number=17184]



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