LEJOG Total racing distance in a calendar year

LEJOG Results

This table shows the total distance each athlete has covered during the current calendar year, while wearing FRR colours.

The following criteria must be satisfied for a race result to be considered for entry to the LEJOG:

  • It is not a Cross Country event.
  • Entry is available to the general public.
  • It is not a social run.
  • The results for the event are either provided by FRR, a UKA registered club or recognised timing organisation and is officially measured.
  • The event occurs during the current calendar year.
  • Athletes run the full course distance unassisted.

If you wish to query the validity of a given race, please email results@frr.org.uk.

Past winners:

Male Female
2022 Joanna Blyth
776.9 miles
2021 Joanna Blyth
628.3 miles
(the covid year)
Dan Clark
230.1 miles
Joanna Blyth
288.6 miles
2019 Peter Woods
535.0 miles
Joanna Blyth
736.4 miles
2018 Dan Clark
602.2 miles
Jackie Collins
729.6 miles
2017 Jimmy Russell
510.0 miles
Jackie Collins
395.0 miles
2016 Peter Woods
554.4 miles
Ali Ostler
363.6 miles
2015 Will Schwer
896 miles
Rachel Crisp
579.4 miles
2014 Darren Cook
325.5 miles
Jayne Burman
172.8 miles
2013 Robin Harper Carla Wiggins
2012 Dave Solomon Carla Wiggins
2011 Dave Solomon
2010 Simon Wiggins
2009 Simon Wiggins
2008 Richard Bennet
2007 Simon Wiggins
2006 Tim Finegan
2005 Adrian Hine
2004 Rob Clayton
2003 Roger Causon
2002 Mick Moore
2001 Harry Bennet
2000 Roger Causon