Ekiden Relays 2015

The Ekiden Relays are taking place at Woodbridge School again this year, on 12th July. After an excellent day out with a very healthy turnout from FRR last year, I’m sure many club members wish to return for another go, and hopefully our new members will join in and participate in this unique event for the first time too.

For those that don’t know what the Ekiden Relays are, it is basically a marathon that is run by a team of six as a relay. The six legs are as follows:- Leg one 7.2K, legs two, four and six 5K and legs three and five 10K.

In the past this has proved to be a super club day out and completely inclusive of all abilities, basically, if you are a member of this club and you wish to take part, you’re in!

I have set up a FaceBook event on the FRR page regarding this event, this is obviously an excellent way to communicate, but for those that don’t wish to use FaceBook, you can get in touch with me at captain@frr.org.uk to register your interest. At this stage I need to know that you’re interested and any preference on length of leg.

So, come on, let’s hope for good weather, get the gazebo up, and turn Woodbridge red on 12th July!

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