Coastal 10 Race Report 2014

Coastal 10 2014 Winner_Male

Craig Fiddaman

Costal 10 2014 Winner_Female

Odette Robson from St Edmunds Pacers

Results of the Coastal 20 Race 2014

We have to emphasise that these results are PROVISIONAL. So if you believe that there is an error of some sort or would like to discuss the results for any reason, you can contact us via the email address

I would like to thank everyone who turned up to run in the second Coastal 10 mile race along the Felixstowe seafront. I hope you all enjoyed the event and that you will come again next year.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who made the event possible. The marshals, the water station attendants and the number and chip distributors. Thank you all.

Finally a big thanks to our sponsors, Damco Global Logistics.

Race Director
Andy Gordon

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