Kirton 5 Race Report 2014


Hello to all who turned up to run the The Mike Todd Kirton 5. I hope you all enjoyed the evening and that you will come again next year. 441 runners completed the main 5 mile race and 109 runners finished the Fun Run. Congratulations to Macoughly Delo from West Suffolk Wheelers Triathlon who crossed the line in first place in the 5 miles race in a time of 26:08. See him receiving the first place prize above.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers. This includes the marshals, the people handing out numbers and everyone else who gave their time to help make this such a successful evening. Thanks once again to you all.

Race Director
Richard Farnworth

To view the results of this year’s Mike Todd Kirton 5 races press the link below:

We have to emphasise that these results are PROVISIONAL. So if you believe that there is an error of some sort or would like to discuss the results for any reason, you can contact us via the email address

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2 Responses

  1. Jo Stephenson says:

    Hi, could you point me in the direction of the 2014 County Champions resulting from Kirton Friday 5 please? I have been able to find the full results, however I understand these aren’t a reliable source for the County Champions.

    I’m also trying to find the series results for the 2014 Friday 5 series, which I believe Felixstowe (Richard) were responsible for? Could you point me in the direction of these please?

    Many thanks
    Jo (Stowmarket Striders)