FRR 30th Anniversary Badge Competition

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Back in May this year I sent the following email to Mark Goodwin:


This being the 30th anniversary of FRR, I thought it’d be nice to have some pin-badges (2cm max in width) and/or sew-on-patches (6cm max width) for people to have to commemorate.

With this in mind I’d like to open a competition to the Juniors to design the logo to be used.

  • They should bear in mind that the logo might be quite small, so a bold logo is likely the right way to go.
  • Use colours, but again if they use too many colours, it may not show up well. Logos with red in them may be favoured!
  • It does not need to be square, rectangular or circular (though it might be), it can have any shape of outline to it.
  • The logo must be unique and original. They can use existing FRR logos as a basis if they like, but they must not use copyright images/designs as part of their design.
  • The logo does not need to be to scale. We will resize the design to fit the pin-badge/patch. Best to use A4 for the design.
  • All entries should be either handed to you guys (and you can get them to me), or emailed to
  • The entries will be adjudicated by the FRR committee, a winner selected and mystery prizes presented

Trust that makes sense.



Suffice to say that we have now received the entries, and at the last FRR Committee meeting the shield design created by Jack and Joshua Goodwin was selected. Congratulations. It was a really tricky decision to make, as all the designs were very good. All runners up will receive a £5 gift-voucher, and the winner gets a £10 gift voucher.

FRR 30th Anniversary pin badge

A limited number of pin badges are now being made with this design, and should be ready for sale via the FRR kit shop within the next 6 weeks.

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