FRR Membership Renewal for the Year 2015 – 2016

Membership for the new running running year is now due for renewal, with effect from March 1st 2015.

Once again, thank you to everyone who rejoined so promptly last year.

The membership application form, is now available online, through the website, together with the subscription fee’s, which incidentally remain the same as for last year, with the exception of the option to pay an additional fee, pertaining to membership of the new FRR triathlon section in association with Felixstowe Leisure Centre. This option will entitle you to attend additional triathlon training sessions and to receive a discount on Triathlon England membership. You can now join/renew and pay your membership subscription online.

The form has been compiled in accordance with Clubmark and British Athletics requirements and please note, we require a new form, in order to process your application. Forms previously submitted, are not be valid and please note, we do still need a hard copy of the signed application form.

VERY IMPORTANT: For all competing members, your application should be renewed and submitted by latest 1st April 2015 in order to re-register you with UKA.

The sooner the better! Failure to comply will result in you being unable to enter races as an FRR affiliated entrant, until such time as your UKA registration is reactivated.

Please also ensure you fully complete the form & tick the relevant boxes, in particular box “D” ~ medical information. If there are no medical issues, please state “NONE”.

We hope you will be rejoining and in that event, I look forward to receiving your application.

Social members, please note, you do not have to complete the attached form. Just an online payment, or cheque with a covering note will suffice.

Kind regards

FRR Membership Secretary

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