Awards Night 2014

Thank you to all those that attended. I’m sure you all join join me in congratulating Lucy Sheehan on her fabulous organisation of the Awards Night held on the 28th Feb 2015.

Mark Goodwin, the master of ceremonies, kindly introduced each category with the nominations. Richard Farnworth then awarded each winner with their engraved award.

The award categories, nominations and winners are listed here below.

Lady Runner of the Year

  • Michelle Gordon (WINNER)
  • Rachel Crisp
  • Jayne Burman

Male Runner of the Year

  • Darren Cook
  • Luke Whitwell (WINNER)
  • Roger Stone

Female Newcomer

  • Emma Day
  • Mel Boon
  • Jo Whelan (WINNER)

Male Newcomer

  • Steven King
  • Callum Dollone
  • David Mayes (WINNER)

Most Improved Female

  • Jayne Burman (WINNER)
  • Lesley Cooper
  • Michelle Gordon

Most Improved Male

  • Robin Harper (WINNER)
  • Luke Whitwell
  • Steven King

Cross Country

  • Steve Brooks
  • Roger Stone (WINNER)
  • Sam Brooks

Chairmans Trophy

  • Jonathan Jenkyn (WINNER)
  • Rachel Crisp
  • Michelle Gordon

LEJOG Female

  1. Jayne Burman – 172.8miles (WINNER)
  2. Lesley Cooper – 162.6miles
  3. Alyson Limpkin-Challis – 139.3miles


  1. Darren Cook – 325.5miles (WINNER)
  2. Robin Harper – 274.4miles
  3. Daniel Gould – 234.6miles

Club Member of the Year

As voted by the club members by blind vote:

Rachel Crisp (WINNER)

Rachel Crisp - Club Member of the Year 2014Rachel Crisp - Club Member of the Year 2014Rachel Crisp - Club Member of the Year 2014


Congratulations to all the winners! See you all out there in 2015. Remember you can pay for your 2015 membership online now via the website.

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