Hard and Fast Relay 2019

On the 23rd August 2015 I suffered a cardiac arrest. Since then I’ve done everything I can to promote education around cardiovascular disease and CPR.

On the 3rd April 2016 Gary Jarvis and I organised a relay to run from Cambridge (nr Papworth hospital where I was fitted with an ICD) to Ipswich Hospital, some 56+ miles. It was a roaring success that raised significant awareness of CPR, and also £6,000+ for the Ipswich Hospital Charity, Papworth Hospital and the British Heart Foundation, all organisations involved in the care and support I received.

I said at the time I’d never do it again, well… I’m about to eat that hat! With the BHF I’m organising the same event to be run on the 23rd June 2019. We’ll use the same route and format as we did in 2016; the route is divided into 10 segments of between 6.8 and 3.8 miles each. It’s not run as a race; rather, runners in each segment run together, and hand over to the next group of participants waiting at the start of the next segment.

Details of all the coordination for the event will be confirmed soon, but in terms of getting some idea of how many people can get involved, I’ve set up an eventbrite page. (There’s also a facebook event, but we’re using the eventbrite page to track participation)

There’s currently no cost to getting involved right now, but we will likely be making up a custom running shirt supporting the event sponsors, which we hope participants and volunteers will wear at the event.

Please do socialise the link to this page and the eventbrite page amongst other running clubs in the region; it’d be great to have a massive contingent for each segment!

We’re looking to get each of the segments on the route sponsored by businesses; if you are interested please get in touch with Nigel Donkin:-

Email: donkinn@bhf.org.uk
Mobile: 07387 261 861

[I know it clashes with the Orwell Walk/Run, and it’s unfortunate, but we would clash with something whatever date we picked, and I think that even if you’re participating in the Orwell event, you could also participate or support this event too… and we’d love you to do that.]

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