County Cross Country


It is that time of year again where thoughts go towards the Suffolk Cross Country Championships, this year held at Culford School near Bury St Edmunds on 5th January 2020

Please see Suffolk Athletics for details of venue and start times for the different age category races.


Unlike the Cross Country league (Suffolk Winter League), this one must be pre-entered by the 11th of December as no entries will be allowed after this or on the day.

FRR will do the registration on your behalf.

Only first-claim competing members will be able to represent FRR in these races, so if you are not first claim or if you have joined under a family membership with children and only taken the two competing member slots, you may not be eligible to represent us. If in doubt then our membership team will be able to inform you.

Entry fee

FRR subsidise our members’ entries. However, due to the large level of interest but low level of attendance in previous years, it has been decided for interested people to pay their entrance fee prior to being registered by FRR and then everybody who attends and represents FRR will have their entrance fee refunded to them. If you don’t turn up, you forfeit the fee.

The entrance fee for Seniors and U20 is £10; all others (U11, U13, U15 & U17) £8 per person.

Seniors / U20 (deadline has passed)
Others (U11, U13, U15 & U17) (deadline has passed)

This is a great event and one which FRR have excelled at in previous years so be sure not to miss it.

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