One Lap to Ultra Race

Venue: The Pavillion, Kirton Recreation Ground

Date:  Sunday 25th October 2015

Time:  10am- 3.30pm

Approx 4.5 mile laps, multi-terrain (mostly quiet lanes) full details to be confirmed.

No minimum laps – no maximum laps – 5 1/2 hr time limit!!

This will be a race exclusive to FRR members and it will be an officially measured route.  Awaitng confirmation from the committee, but hoping this race will count towards LeJog miles.

As in any other longer distance event, a variety of food and drinks will be supplied.  Any baking by members will definitely be encouraged.

This is also an opportunity to socialise so please come along, support the runners, cycle the route, help out and just have a fun day!

Please RSVP to Christina@ch-go4fit.fsnet either by email or through the Facebook Event 

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