Two Rivers Social Run 2016 – Race Report

This year’s Two Rivers Run was held on Wednesday 24th August. This handicapped run between the Orwell at Landguard Point and the Deben at Felixstowe Ferry, on one of the most beautiful evenings of the year, was well attended and a goodly number of red vests descended on the View Point car park at Landguard accompanied by an assortment of cheering (and jeering) supporters. As always the exact route is up to the individual competitors to decide and this year I think they found some extra hazards along the way due to the crowds of sun-seekers enjoying the hot and sunny weather.

There were a few minor hiccups: there were a number of (unsuccessful) attempts to wangle a more favourable handicap due to the heat; some runners were delayed by problems with the trains so sadly couldn’t arrive in time to take part; and, owing to traffic jams on the A14, ‘Hedgie’ (a poorly hedgehog being looked after by Adele who was helping to officiate) had an unexpected trip to the seaside instead of the planned visit to the vet. Once these had been sorted, the run could begin and each runner was sent off in style by Rory and Hilary. Varying degrees of applause or boos from the spectators rang in the ears of the 31 athletes as they left the start line in their turn and 26 minutes after the first runner had legged it down the road in the general direction of Felixstowe Ferry, the last one set off.

At the finish line at Felixstowe Ferry a small band of spectators was waiting, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the runners. Jayne B, Adele and Simon M were ready with stopwatch and clipboard to record the finishing times and positions and eventually some quickly moving figures could be seen in the distance approaching along the sea wall. The first three finishers, Jonny, David L and Steve came in within 25 seconds of each other and within less than 5 minutes everyone else had crossed the line too.

The evening ended with food and beer in the garden of the FBI where the usual tall tales of endeavour and skulduggery (or sandbagging) were exchanged.
Well done and thank you to everyone who ran and supported and especially to my assistants Rory, Hilary, Adele, Jayne B and Simon M (not forgetting Hedgie who eventually made it to the vet’s and will, we hope, soon be back in his natural habitat).

Anne Oliver


1 JONNY MILES 57.01 43.01
2 DAVID LAMPARD 57.20 43.20
3 STEVE DURRANT 57.25 38.25
4 RICHARD SMITH 57.30 39.30
5 PETER WOODS 57.31 39.31
6 SHARON DEAN 57.32 44.32
7 JOANNE HARPER 57.43 38.43
8 GENNI SOKOLI 57.59 52.59
9 SALLY SOLOMON 58.03 53.03
10 TIM DOYLE 58.11 32.11
11 JO WHELAN 58.12 46.12
12 JUSTIN OSTLER 58.41 54.41
13 BRAD DREW 58.42 54.42
14 PAUL OSBORNE 58.42 35.42
15 NEIL CATLEY 58.58 33.58
16 PAUL SCHWER 59.04 36.04
17 ROGER STONE 59.08 30.08
18 DAVID SEYMOUR 59.14 35.14
19 JON WILDING 59.18 39.18
20 WILL SCHWER 59.23 49.23
21 VICTORIA BREADMAN 59.40 33.40
22 ERIKA DOWNS 60.00 36.00
23 MARION PARKER 60.03 39.03
24 DARREN COOK 60.07 33.07
25 DAN CLARK 60.17 36.17
26 ROBIN HARPER 60.21 32.21
27 MARK FORD 60.25 33.21
28 JIMMY RUSSELL 60.43 38.43
29 STEPHEN SHAW 60.50 36.50
30 NICK WILLIAMS 61.11 58.11
31 ALEX JACOB 61.42 39.42

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