Ekiden Relays 2015 Update

This unique local event takes place in little over a month’s time. I am now working on team planning and have communicated with many club members via the FaceBook page. I do however, recognise that many people choose not to use FaceBook so if you fit this category and would like to take part in this event please let me know by dropping a line to captain@frr.org.uk.
For any newcomers to the club that may not have the foggiest what this event is, it is a marathon, run as a relay by a team of six, in the grounds of Woodbridge School. It takes place on 12th July. It is suitable for absolutely everyone in the club to take part in, there’s nothing to be intimidated or worried about. The only thing I can guarantee is a fantastic day out with “Team Red”. Oh, and our magnificent club even funds the thing so excluding travel to Woodbridge, it won’t cost you a penny. I’m planning to field a best ever Felixstowe turnout of eight teams this year, and YOU could be part of it!
Just when you think things can’t get any better I also have to remind you that this will be the Ekiden debut for the astonishing new FRR gazebo too……………
Best regards to all,
Robin Harper.
Check the Event Page out here.

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