Martlesham 5/10k 2015 Race Report

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  • 11802547_1072172669461454_6667805000239820931_o
  • 12027318_1072174052794649_9004704854612340272_o
  • 12038643_1072174229461298_2627133819191847599_o
  • 12052418_1072173526128035_4319971165004591852_o
  • 12068587_1072173312794723_483090329035747275_o
  • 12068990_1072173259461395_1315166383855260017_o
  • 12079065_1026347340732602_1288998348330420240_n
  • 12079259_1026346927399310_2518796104326016103_n
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  • 12079453_1026347107399292_4296301758442443548_n
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  • 12080157_1072173282794726_7867920527007127440_o
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  • 12087763_1072175066127881_818548633007282940_o
  • 12087781_1072173262794728_6903740769412940329_o
  • 12088144_1026347164065953_8682231634496038051_n
  • 12088229_1026347387399264_6018573657559842351_n
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  • 12096392_1026347517399251_4652512035586017294_n
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  • 12108064_1026347460732590_5312741090393054247_n
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  • 12120178_1072174872794567_2231216976705196521_o
  • 12122551_1026347040732632_8705766816369591020_n
  • 12122551_1026347114065958_2187135424513351656_n
  • 12132428_1072175019461219_8049288182808260224_o
  • 12138497_1072175226127865_7714188983942102397_o
  • 12139945_1072175279461193_7822212602021677914_o
  • 12141082_1072174239461297_8599785556855190854_o
  • 12143314_1026347274065942_8189730505046259418_n

Ok, so I would just like to record in writing my sincere thanks to each and every one of you who pitched up at Martlesham today and did your thing – you did so with a minimum of instruction in a friendly and professional manner and with considerable aplomb – from timers, recorders, medal dispensing, marshals, ladies of baggage, water stops, cyclists and even field erection thank you all so very much.

Thank you also to those that came and ran the races, without you it clearly would not work ! – and the 5k, new this year is something I think to build on for the years’ ahead. It is my hope that this year we will top the £2,250 we donated to the Lions’ last year. Not everyone enjoyed the band ! but I hope the runners got some motivation out of it.

The weather plays a large part and too was a composite part of the success of the day. The results are now up which i hope prove to be in accordance with what you expect, if not let me know. As you may/may not know today was my swansong – it will be for Rachael Miller to take things forward here-on – I am sure she will enjoy the support I have for 3 years – thank you to you all.

Richard Smith – Martlesham Race Director

17th October 2015 Update:

I have now had time to finalise i think the results for Martlesham

I wonder of you could post on the site with the following note, thanks

I have now taken the time to adjust the results for last weekend’s race, apologies to those whose time were inaccurate but I hope the results are now right, if not please do shout, thank you. As the results have taken a little time to sort sending out of the age category awards was put on hold – but I will now do these and hopefully get them in the post in the next week or so.

Richard Smith – Martlesham Race Director

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5 Responses

  1. Joy Lightfoot says:

    It was a lovely family day and we absolutely loved the band.

  2. Kevin Peirce says:

    Appreciate results are under review, but the time on my watch and on the screen at the finish line roughly matched (37″42′), but in the results I’m down as 36″42′. The chap behind me (9th) looks to have been given my time. I’m guessing the times/finishers have misaligned.

    Awesome drum band by the way – very inspirational on each lap! Hope they come again in the future. :)

  3. Kevin Peirce says:

    (Sorry, typo – I meant 36:49!!!)

  4. Philip Norman says:

    I realise that the 10k results are “under review”,but might it have been possible to include our race positions aswell as times in the provisional results?
    I’ve had to count all the way to 132 to work out my place,and I gave up trying to count how many finishers there were!
    Memo to self.”Must finish in top 20 next year”,otherwise I’ll run out of fingers and toes!