FRR Top Trumps 2016

While I was recuperating last year, playing Top Trumps with my little ones, I got to thinking how cool it would be to have FRR Top Trumps… and so, with the help of our Captain, I have produced a limited set of 40 cards. Each full-colour card shows an FRR athlete along with their statistics as adjudicated by Robin. What better way to while away your time stood waiting in Bungay, or on the FRR VLM Bus, or at ThunderRun 2016?!

FRR Top Trumps 2016

Obviously with only 40 cards, we couldn’t include everyone in the club and so used a randomised sampling of the membership so that the selection was fair.

These are now available via Jo Whelan, and can be purchased here for £6/pack.

FRR Top Trumps 2016 £6/pack

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