From Fat to Finish Line

Another sleepless night saw me using Netflix recommendations based on “Finding Traction” to find my next method of getting to sleep.

Twelve strangers, united by their weight-loss goals, embark on a 200-mile relay race.

Between the entire team they’ve lost more than 1200 pounds in weight, and wanted to use this 200 mile race to symbolise and celebrate their achievement.

The film breaks between watching each of the team members run their allotted legs, with brief biographic on who they are, their battle with weight control and their journey to find and get involved in running. I certainly found lots of parallels with my own journey. In fact much of the story I found myself drawing comparison with my Hard And Fast relay.

Much like “Finding Traction” you see the gamut of emotions in this film; enthusiasm , determination through to fatigue and depression. I think the film could have been about half an hour shorter, and have focused a little more on the group story rather than the individuals.

It did make me want me to get out there and do something similar though. Certainly I started to consider what I could arrange in 2018 for “Harder and Faster”! A Coast to Coast relay perhaps? Yikes!

There was a really good quote from the movie that I’d like to post up here that really sums up my experience too:

People say running is a solitary sport. But it’s brought me a family.

Couldn’t have said it better.

Still couldn’t sleep…

“From Fat to Finish Line” is available on Netflix. It’s also available for purchase on YouTube.

The “From Fat To Finish Line” website is available here:

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