Ekiden Relays 2017

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have secured TEN team slots in this year’s Ekiden relay event to be held at Woodbridge school on 16th July. This will be our biggest presence EVER at this unique event.
For those that may be new to the club, or perhaps haven’t encountered this event before, it is a race held over marathon distance, run as a relay by a team of six. The six legs run as follows:- 7.2K, 5K, 10K, 5K, 10K, 5K. So, it is generally a very inclusive event, with the furthest run on the day being a 10K. The concept is huge in Japan (where it originated) and races are regularly televised. Amazingly, Woodbridge in Suffolk is host to the only one in the UK! We are truly privileged to have this on our doorstep!
I will be mostly co-ordinating this event via Facebook, but I recognise that not all members choose to use social media. If you fit this category and would like to take part in this event, please email captain@frr.org.uk no earlier than 20:00 on 19th March to register your interest.
This promises to be a memorable day out!
Robin Harper

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