Round Norfolk Relay on 16/17th Sept. 2017

The RNR is the longest non-stop relay in the UK and takes in the whole of the perimeter of Norfolk 194miles. It is split into 17 different stages with distances from 5.5 miles up to 20 miles. It begins early on the Saturday morning (16th Sept) and completes on Sunday morning (17th Sept). It’s a really friendly event and all abilities run, we try to balance the slower runners with the quicker runners to finish in about 28.5 hours, quickest teams finish in about 21 hours. Although it’s very much a team event all legs are effectively timed mini races, all runners have a support car or bike with them on all roads.

At this stage I need a firm “Yes” from you, for at the moment I am only looking for runners and any preferred times/legs/distance you may have, I will then confirm our entry assuming there is enough interest. We need to make sure we have enough interest to cover all legs but in particular the long night-time legs so if you want to run 20m at midnight from Scole to Thetford this will be for you. Do have a look at the RNR website for detailed information. This is a unique running experience, everyone that does it is bowled over by the wacky and bizarre nature of it, believe me to stand in the depths of Norfolk in the dead of night watching 60 odd teams change over runners at the relay points is bonkers – but so so much fun and being part of the team is really rewarding – believe me, you will be smitten !

But please please it is important that if one expresses interest in joining in it will be relied on that you will pitch up (barring broken legs!), withdrawals make it very very difficult for organisers because everyone is interdependent upon the each other so please please be discerning in your response to this, we try to have reserves but that is not always possible.
Almost every runner is accompanied, if you are new to this or the club note you will not be left alone, there will be a meeting closer to the event where more information is passed on – by all means talk at the club to those that have done it before if you need any info.

Ostensibly it will be on a first come basis, but I qualify that by saying there is reality here that we have to find runners for all the legs to make the team(s) complete, further i will try to accommodate your preferences as best I can but please bear with !
There are two 18/19 mile legs that are run over night – we clearly need two runners to have a crack at these !
Almost as important there will need to get some bikes/riders there as accompaniment to the runners so if anyone can help with that please do not be shy and come forward, we will also need to sort car escorts for the night time legs, so again if you can help that would be great, in particular we find that two or more people in a car that have a bike are very useful!

Please respond to me with an e mail ( or pm via Facebook – any questions please contact me

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