2017 Kirton Five Mile Post Race Report

Welcome to the 2017 Kirton Five Mile Report, firstly I would like to thank all the runners, helpers, and our sponsor – Family Amusements.
Also thank you to Richard Farnworth, who stepped down as Race Director last year, for making Kirton the race it is today.

I think you will all agree this year can only be described as having its extreme and challenging circumstances for all of us. Well done to all who braved the severe weather conditions with us, despite this we had 462 runners making it one of our biggest fields

Mike Todd Kirton 5 Miles Results


  1. 173 Odette ROBSON FV45 Saint Edmund Pacers 0:29:27
  2. 357 Laura SHEWBRIDGE FV35 Colchester Harriers AC 0:31:19
  3. 456 Alice GOODWIN FU20 Ipswich Harriers 0:31:48


  1. 142 Tom ADAMS MU20 Ipswich Harriers 0:27:11
  2. 199 Jim LAST MV40 Framlingham Flyers 0:27:22
  3. 278 Alex TRIPP MU20 Ipswich Harriers 0:27:40

FU20: 156 Anna KEEBLE Felixstowe RRC 0:38:38

FV35: 155 Jennifer WRIGHT Ipswich Jaffa RC 0:39:55

FV40: 398 Laura ALI Framlingham Flyers 0:37:31

FV45: 103 Mary NAREY Stowmarket Striders Running Club 0:38:55

FV50: 112 Val JENNINGS Ipswich Jaffa RC 0:35:01

FV55: 80 Rebecca PITTMAN Springfield Striders RC 0:34:54

FV60: 125 Jenny MORGAN Saint Edmund Pacers 0:38:54

FV65+: 172 Moira PINKNEY Ipswich Triathlon Club 0:44:38

MU20: 373 William PAGE Colchester & Tendring AC 0:28:19

MV40: 158 Stephen PECK Harwich Runners 0:29:52

MV45: 124 Keith TILLEY Ipswich Jaffa RC 0:28:32

MV50: 405 Mark WATTS Saint Edmund Pacers 0:30:56

MV55: 130 Colin RIDLEY Colchester Harriers AC 0:29:04

MV60: 202 Terry BACK Ipswich Jaffa RC 0:30:20

MV65: 229 Philip HYMERS Saint Edmund Pacers 0:37:09

MV70+: 350 Ron MCCULLOUGH Ipswich Jaffa RC 0:34:48

Female Team: Saint Edmund Pacers 1: Odette ROBSON, Jess GOODERHAM, Katie KING, Claire HOBLYN, Sandra WEBB

Male Team: Ipswich Jaffa RC 1: Keith TILLEY, Will LAW, Benjamin TURLEY, Adam WADE, Nicholas CLARKE

Unfortunately we did have some problems this year and I fully understand the disappointment.

Fun Run sent wrong way


At the time our main priority was to make sure all the Fun Runners got back safely. We sent sweepers out to every route we thought possible and of course this was in severe weather conditions.


For this not to happen again we will be using better signage at turning points, also barrier tape to make it impossible for runners to miss a turning.

In regards to under age runners running unaccompanied there should have not been any. This is stated clearly on entry as our runners do run on public highways.

In the decision to produce results, a lot of runners wanted to see them. UK Athletics was involved and the diction was made to show without times and category’s as the race did not run the correct route

Failed Presentation


A winning runner had entered themselves as the wrong sex. To add to the confusion, veterans finished in the top 3 overall and the timing company hadn’t factored in the one trophy rule. Unknowingly, trophies started to be given to the wrong people as friends took prizes for them.
Racesonline then lost their printer to the severe water damage from the rain.
We therefore decided to postpone the presentation and will conduct it after the Stowmarket event.


The results service did an excellent job, they fixed every problem that arose immediately and looking back we should have done the presentation from the laptop once the data had been corrected.

On a positive note the new online service provided current up to date entry lists, transfer runners option and refunds and on the day live results, video and text results to runners as they crossed the line.

We also had a special guest star Michelle Mitchell who is our very own Great Britain International Sprinter and is competing in this year’s World Transplant Games. Michelle was kind enough to break away from her training to help start the races and help us with the presentation, she is truly an inspiration to us all.

We hope you all enjoyed being part of the Friday Five Series and look forward to seeing you again next year

If you have any queries about this event, please email the Race Director kirton5@frr.org.uk. The club committee have very little direct input into the Kirton event, and so the Race Director is best placed to respond to your queries.

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