Virgin London Marathon 2018 Club Places Update

It is not without a great deal of regret and disappointment that I have to announce that the VLM event organisers changed the rules for club place allocations at the last minute, and as a result Felixstowe Road Runners have only been awarded two places for the 2018 event, rather than the assumed three places.

I have personally spoken with representatives from both Virgin London Marathon Events and England Athletics at considerable length, and they simply are unwilling/unable to provide us with the additional place we originally assumed we’d be allocated.

On this basis, we will only be registering Dan Clark and Mark Banham to take the VLM 2018 places.

The committee are still in discussion over the right resolution to provide Pot 3 winner Rachel Palmer with a marathon opportunity in 2018, if possible.

In future years, to avoid this disappointment, FRR will not make the draw for VLM club places until those places have been allocated by the event organisers.

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