Committee Elections 2018

Fellow Felixstowe Road Runners,

It’s come around again so fast. Last year we saw several new appointments on to the committee, and have seen that blossom the club activities into several successes throughout 2017. The committee forms the public and private identity for the club, and allows the club’s members to enjoy its many benefits.

As a fully paid up member of Felixstowe Road Runners, you too could be part of the club committee and help steer us to even more success in 2018 and beyond.

The AGM (current provisional date 7th Feb 2018) is your opportunity to be part of that!

Under the existing constitution wording, if you are interested in applying for a committee office or role, you only need to write to me with your name, the office (or offices!) you’re interested in applying for and the name of another member who ‘seconds’ your nomination, before the 25th January 2018. Existing officers need only state that they wish to re-apply, they do not need a ‘second’.

All offices and roles on the committee are available for free election. In previous years I’ve heard stories of regret at not engaging with this election process, and so on this occasion I openly invite and welcome all members to consider one or more positions they believe they would be able to fulfil and to apply for: There is no stigma in challenging currently held committee roles, regardless of how you may appreciate the current committee officers efforts. I believe I speak for all committee members when I state that we welcome all applications for all committee positions.

There is a list of the current committee positions and the responsibilities here, however I’ve provided a list below of the role names for quick reference:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Captain/Vice-Captain
  • Social Secretary
  • Web Administrator
  • Head Coach
  • Welfare Officer
  • Kit Officer

I look forward to seeing lots of applications in my inbox over the next week or so!

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