Runner Profile: George Seward

Firstly, thank you Zoila for nominating me for this month’s runner’s profile and thank you for the kind words. Many of you probably do not know who I am so maybe I can take this opportunity to introduce myself… therefore, hi! 

How did I get into running? 

I originally got into running around 5 years ago in a small attempt to keep fit in-between Saturday football games. It was never a sport I thought I was going to grow to love and enjoy. The runs started off on a small 2.5-mile route and sometimes pushing the boat out to around 4 miles.

The half marathon distance and marathon distance always seemed a million miles away and it was something I thought I would never have the patience and physical strength to achieve. The fitness regime quickly came to an end until early 2015 when myself and another FRR member Kirby King decided to sign up for the Ipswich half marathon and the Royal Parks half marathon in London and run for the charity Dogs Trust. From that point onwards, we took running seriously, following a half marathon training program and signing up to do parkruns every single Saturday morning.

The runs slowly went from 3 miles all the way up to 11. It was from this point that my passion for running grew. September soon came around and we were faced with the reality of running the Ipswich half marathon (Yes, the old / horrible and slightly less forgiving route). I will be honest, I disliked every second of the race, however the sense of achievement at the end is what continues to drive me and push myself to do better each race.

Since then, I have managed to achieve any distance I have set my mind to, pushing my physical limits to a level I never thought I had, completing half marathons/marathon/24-hour race’s and many other events. Recently (5th May), I finished my first marathon in Southampton after 4 long and difficult months of training. Despite not doing as well as I had hoped, the achievement at the end was incredible as it was a distance I never thought I would be able to achieve.

I found out about Felixstowe Road Runners through a couple of friends who told me to come along to one of the Friday track sessions and one of the Tuesday club training sessions. I enjoyed both, so I decided to join.  

Most memorable race 

I enjoy every single race I do; however, I do have one that stands out above the rest.

We entered the Harwich 24-hour race as a team of five called the ‘FRR Newbies’ in 2018. On the way to the event, it was the typical feeling of ‘Why do I do this to myself?’ and the thought of being awake for 24 hours definitely did not appeal to me, however the McDonald’s breakfast definitely helped settle the nerves.

The route was gruelling and the lack of sleep definitely made it tough, but despite all of this, it was a great weekend and a great laugh. Zoila Reyes’ husbands BBQ being a highlight and enjoying a couple of Corona’s with Daniel Shanks for breakfast early Sunday morning which definitely went straight to the head. However, the main highlight of the weekend was finishing the event in 2nd (I believe) in our category and winning a few bottles of wine, perfect – all worth it. 

Favourite race? 

My favourite race has to be the Cambridge half marathon 2019 where I managed to set my PB of 1:30:30. The event was very well organised and you receive a great medal and a whole load of goodies at the end. The atmosphere is fantastic and you can thoroughly enjoy your time running around the streets of Cambridge with people cheering you on at every corner. The route is also flat… which is music to every runner’s ears. If you have not had a chance to sign up for this event then I definitely recommend it for 2020.

What does the future hold? 

For a start, attend more club training sessions on a Tuesday and come along to the Friday track sessions… If I can be peeled away from the pub that is.

My ultimate goal after I started taking running more seriously was to complete a half marathon and a full marathon. After finishing the Southampton marathon and many half marathons, I cannot help but want to sign up for more and beat my PB’s. I would like to run a sub 3:30 marathon and sub 1:30 half and I am sure with more training I will be able to achieve both targets. Therefore, in answer to the above question, the future for me is to continue to sign up for more events and continue to push myself as much as I can.

I will keep entering the London marathon ballot every year as we all do in a desperate attempt to secure a place; I am now on my 6th year entering… 6th year lucky, right? Fingers crossed! 

Next month’s nomination

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this. My nomination for next month is David Church, so… David, over to you!

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