Runner Profile: Amanda Kemp

This month’s profile will be just like me……. short 😊

Early Years

I loved a school sports day, the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports such as the sack race, bean bag race, 3 legged race and rounders……of course as I got older I participated in ‘proper’ sports, but I always enjoyed sport that was fun and to me that’s important.   

At the age of 5 I took up gymnastics which quickly led me on to trampolining.  I joined Ipswich Trampoline Club and spent the next 10 years training and competing at a national level winning several competitions all over the UK and enjoying my first experience of being part of a club. 

No award for that hairstyle though!

Where it all began

Despite the best efforts of Mary Burgess back in 2010, who was my boss at the time telling me I’d be a good runner, it was eventually inevitable that with my sister-in-law being Carrie Kemp and my better half (only when it comes to running 😉) being Ozzy Osborne, that I would at some point end up running.  It was a nomination to do the NHS 5k during lockdown 2020 that got me started.  After several failed attempts of thinking I could ‘just’ run like I did at sports day some 30 years beforehand, I downloaded the Couch 2 5k app and before I knew it, I had run 5k; 8 weeks later I ran 16k and 3 days later I ran a half marathon…..I was running for fun!

First Race / Joining FRR

In July 2021 I took part in the Stephen Williams 10k race, my first unaffiliated race experience and on the hottest day of the year, I was dreading it.  I had convinced myself having never taken part in such an event I would run a different way to everyone else and get lost.  I didn’t get lost and I really enjoyed it.  Although I already knew a good few FRR faces, it was nice to meet some new ones and everyone was welcoming and  reassuring.  However just one thing was missing for me, the FRR vest, there was only one thing for it……

Favourite moments

Having joined the club in October 2021, my most favourite moment was of course wearing the FRR vest to my first race and a few others since.  It’s nice to be part of a club again, to have the support of others who pick you up when you doubt yourself.

In April 2022 I ran my furthest race to date, the Harwich Half Marathon.  I started well but found the last 2/3 miles tough, who said the last few miles just happen?!  

In May 2022 I ran the Kirton Friday 5, I grew up in Kirton so being able to run a race through the village with family & friends supporting me was really special.  Even more so when after the race I bumped into the lovely Mary Burgess who told me she always knew I would make a great runner one day and that she was proud of me.

What’s Next

So, I was reliably informed by Claire Butcher that as a club member I must enter the ballot for London to be part of the ballot result excitement (apparently it’s a thing!) but to not worry as no-one gets in first time, people apply year after year and don’t get a place……. that’ll be except for me then!

I’ve never run a marathon before or even thought about it, but I’ll give it my best on October 2nd and hope I do the club proud.  Any offers for running buddies in the lead up will be gratefully received!

Otherwise, I’m still relatively new to this running malarky, so I’m looking forward to more local races and more cake!

Next month’s nominee

From one cake lover to another, Dawn Gibson

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