Runner Profile: Gemma Gilbert

Firstly thank you to Tom for nominating me, Secondly I am, like many, not the best at writing about myself so apologies if you fall asleep half way through 😊.

If you know me, it will come as no surprise that I was one of those children whose parents opened the back door and I shot out of it.  I always had lots of energy and I was extremely fortunate to have amazing parents who channelled my energy with many different clubs and hobbies.  Sport has always been what I have loved, starting with Athletics in Primary school along with Netball and any other sport I could join in with.

In my teens I was part of Ipswich Harriers enjoying many Athletics competitions with a focus on sprinting, hurdles and long jump.  I also played local and regional netball, a game I still love to this day and still attempt to play, albeit a lot more slowly and with a longer time to recover!

I guess running in the form that I love it now began in my late teens as a way of gaining fitness and maintaining my weight, it was a cheap and easy way to exercise through university and it was then that I learnt to love it.  At University I studied Sports Rehabilitation and then went on to do my Teaching Qualification in Secondary Physical Education, continuing to surround myself with what I love.  Currently I am renewing my sports massage qualification, I will be Level 3 YMCA trained by the end of April, so please shout after this if you are in need of a sport massage.

My first Marathon was another turning point in my running, this came about whilst out celebrating my 30th birthday with some close friends.  My friend and I decided it was time to up the mileage but as I also love to travel, we agreed on tying in an adventure with it.  We decided on a trip to Venice to complete the Venice Marathon 2014, an amazing first experience.

Venice started my love of long distance running, since then I have completed many marathons, Half Marathons, 10km’s and I entered the world of ultra-running.  I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some amazing events all over the world.  One of my favourite races is Beachy Head Marathon, but stand out events have to be the Ultraks Matterhorn 30km, Ushuaia UTMB and the Lakeland 50.

Over the last couple of years I have also begun to dip my toe into the world of Triathlon, Completing my first Half Ironman last year.  I am not sure this comes naturally to me, but I love the challenge and will continue to try and improve this during 2023.

I have met some amazing people through running but Felixstowe Road Runners is one of the friendliest clubs I have been part of.  I love that there is always a friendly face at events, and a welcoming environment on a Tuesday evening.  Thank you all for being so lovely.

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