Newsletter Nov 2014


This is the all new Felixstowe Road Runners newsletter, and will be used to keep you up to date with what’s happening within the club.

You have been included in this email list because you are either a member of the club, or have previously requested to receive these communications. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, please use the “unsubscribe from this list” link at the bottom of this email.

All of the information we will put in these messages will also appear on the website, so if you do unsubscribe, you can always reference the website for up to date news.

If you would like to subscribe to this Newsletter, please fill out the form on the Mailing List page

New Website

The new look website is now live! Please visit to check it out. If you still want to access the new site, please visit, but it will no longer be maintained.

I’ve put lots of new content on the site, and I’m excited to hear your thoughts about what you like, and what you might prefer was different. Please do email me directly at with any suggestions you might have.

Results and Announcements

Since the old website will no longer contain any new results as of today, if you have results you would like to have registered on the site, please email them though and we’ll try to put them up as soon as we’re able.

Important: Wyn will no longer be updating the website with the results, so please do not email him directly.

If you have an announcement that you think the FRR community should know about, please email me directly at with the text you want to add to the website or send out in a newsletter, and I’ll hand it on to the right people.

That’s all for now. If you have any interest in helping to contribute to the website, or have a topic that you want adding to the Newsletter, then please do email me directly at
See you on Tuesday!

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