Runner Profile: Jo Whelan

Jo Whelan

How I got into running

It all started three years ago. I decided I wanted to lose weight plus get fit for my annual ski trip. I used to run in my lunch break, starting from the Orwell Hotel up Beatrice Avenue. By the time I got to Delwood Avenue I was walking. I kept this up for a few weeks, getting further and further. At that point John Adams had already got into Racheal’s head, and was encouraging her to do parkrun. So off we went on May 4th to Christchurch Park, to find a load of loonies in fancy dress. Peter Woods was one that I will never forget.

Rachael and I had completed our first parkrun. We were hooked from that day on.

Plans for 2016

You will learn that I embrace a challenge. So 2016 is the year of my first marathon. I have already got other races booked throughout the year, but the Manchester Marathon is a biggie for me and my family.

Favourite race

My favourite race to date is the Tarpley 20. I had some fantastic company that day. Will and Jonny kept me going, along with the worry of being picked up by the sweeper bus. I remember seeing the finish line and having a massive smile on my face thinking, I’ve just ran 20 f**king miles!!!

Favourite moment

FRR Team Photo at Stowmarket Half

Although I personally hated Stowmarket Half this year (because of the extra added miles we choose to do) my favourite moments are seeing Sally finish when she thought she was never going to start. Cheering Rachael and Amanda on during their last half mile and witnessing Kate my marathon buddy, do her longest ever run.

Jo Whelan Showboating at Stowmarket Half 2016

Who’d you like to see do a runner profile for May 1st?

The person I would like to choose for May’s Runner Profile is……..Jason Taylor aka Gripper.

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