London Marathon 2019 club places

So that everyone is aware of the system and there is no confusion regarding the FRR club Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 places I have detailed the system and current position below:


If you’ve been rejected but would still like a chance to run, either 2019 or in a future London Marathon, we need your rejection slip.

The Rules

These club rules were designed for three club places to be allocated to Felixstowe Road Runners, however the goalposts have changed and we now only get two places allocated. This change came after the club had selected three athletes for 2018 and therefore one of those athletes was unable to enter so has an automatic place in this round.

  • To qualify for an entry in the club lottery, you must have a current rejection slip (email or letter) from the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019, be a first claim Felixstowe Road Runner and have entered the London Marathon ballot stating Felixstowe Road Runners as your club, rather than unattached or any other running club.
  • If you have been in the last two or more consecutive draws for London club places and failed to get a place you instantly get entered into the first pot. One name will be drawn from this pot.
  • Any unsuccessful members from the first pot get entered into pot two, along with all members that have been unsuccessful in the previous year’s club draw. One name will be drawn from this pot.
  • Any unsuccessful members from the second pot (including those from the first pot) get entered into pot three, along with all eligible members that were not in the previous year’s club draw. One name will be drawn from this pot.
  • Any member who applies for a club place in 2019, but did not apply for a place in 2018 will get entered into pot three. No name will be drawn from this pot, but will act as a record of application such that next year they are eligible for pot two.
  • Any member lucky enough to represent FRR as result of the club places are ineligible to re-enter the draw for 3 years.
  • All rejection slips (by-hand to a club official) and emails (by email to must be received before midnight on Monday 22nd October 2018.
  • The draw will take place during a Tuesday Night club briefing after the club’s allocation of places has been confirmed – probably late November or early December, but this will be announced in due course. (Date now set: 27 November)

Previous FRR Representatives

Year FRR Representatives Eligible to reapply for 2019?
2012 Richard Smith, Adrian Hine and Pauline Barr Yes
2013 Richard Farnworth, Nigel Dadge and Roger Stone Yes
2014 Lesley Cooper, Martin Fuller and Luke Whitwell Yes
2015 Daniel Gould, Caroline Stafford and Rachel Crisp Yes
2016 Ann Rideout and Sally Solomon No
2017 Steven King and Kevin Whelan No
2018 Dan Clark (deferred) and Mark Banham No

If anybody wishes to discuss this with the committee you are welcome to, but please remember that the club places are a privilege for all members, it is not a right for any particular member to be drawn in any year. I hope the whole club can get behind any members drawn to represent the club. No member has any more right to a club place than any other.

If you do obtain a place through the ballot, you are expected to wear club colours. This also makes it easier for supporters to identify you.

Places are not transferable. You may defer, for one year only, but need to pay the entry fee for both years in this case.

Current Pots for the London Marathon 2019 Draw

The names here are eligible for the respective pots. I will indicate where rejection slips have been received with a tick (✔)

Pot one – 3 or more consecutive ballot rejections  :

  • Liz Beighton ✔
  • Neil Catley ✔
  • Emma Day
  • Jo Dickinson
  • Erika Downs ✔
  • Matthew Howe ✔
  • Jonathan Jenkyn
  • Jonathan Miles ✔
  • Paul Osborne ✔
  • Alastair Read
  • Zoila Reyes ✔
  • Reno Reynolds ✔
  • Paul Schwer ✔
  • Daniel Shanks ✔
  • Amanda Smith ✔
  • Nicola Stevenson ✔
  • Jo Whelan ✔
  • Richard Wilkins
  • Peter Woods ✔

Pot two – 2nd consecutive ballot rejection  :

  • Shane Allum ✔
  • Adam Brett
  • Alyson Challis ✔
  • Adele Chaplin
  • Lee Crisp
  • Rachel Dixey
  • Ian Duggan ✔
  • Helen Duggan
  • Karen Eaton ✔
  • James Ellul ✔
  • Carita Farthing ✔
  • Sarah Fitch
  • Rebecca Foster
  • Rebecca Gilbert ✔
  • Jon Glanfield ✔
  • Shaun Good ✔
  • Kate Long ✔
  • Adrian Kudela ✔
  • Ali Ostler ✔
  • Marion Parker ✔
  • Tim Parnell ✔
  • Jimmy Russell ✔
  • Anika Shenfield
  • Angela Soames ✔
  • Luke Whitwell
  • Richard Wold ✔

Pot Three – 1st ballot rejection  :

  • Simon Cooper ✔
  • Kirby King ✔
  • David Seymour ✔
  • Rachael Miller ✔
  • Catherine Walsh ✔
  • Dylan Pomietlo ✔
  • Justin Ostler ✔
  • Sophie Chapman ✔
  • George Seward ✔
  • Caroline Stafford ✔
  • Rod MacGregor ✔
  • Gary Jarvis ✔
  • Matt Makin ✔
  • Robert Barker ✔
  • Joanna Blyth ✔
  • Jackie Collins ✔
  • Jenny Church ✔
  • David Church ✔
  • Daniel Gould ✔
  • Heidi Taylor ✔
  • Ian Sillett ✔
  • Ben Jacobs ✔
  • Collette Green ✔
  • Jess Farthing ✔
  • David Mayes ✔

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