Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 club places

The draw for FRR club places in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 took place this evening.

We were allocated 3 places, which have been allocated as detailed here.

In pot 1 (3rd unsuccessful year or longer), there were 9 athlete’s names.
In pot 2 (2nd unsuccessful year), there were 12 athlete’s names, along with 8 rolled over from pot 1.
In pot 3 there were 29 athlete’s names, along with 19 rolled over from pots 1 & 2.

Those in pot 1 had a cumulative 18% chance after rollovers (11%+5%+2%).
Those initially in pot 2 had a 7% chance after rollover (5%+2%)
Those initially in pot 3 had a 2% chance.


From pot 1, the name drawn was Mark Banham

From pot 2, the name drawn was Daniel Clark

From pot 3, the name drawn was Rachel Palmer


We wish them well with training and look forward to cheering them on in London on 22 April 2018



VMLM have moved the goalposts for this year and as a result, we have only been allocated 2 club places. These will be awarded to Mark Banham and Daniel Clark as the winners from Pots 1 and 2. Rachel Palmer will be promoted to Pot 1 next year. We apologise for this and have decided that next year we will defer the draw until the places have been allocated to the club, rather than just working from the published figures.

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