London Marathon 2021 club places draw

The draw for FRR club places in the London Marathon 2021 has taken place.

We were allocated 2 places, which have been drawn as detailed here.

In pot 1 (4th unsuccessful year or longer), there were 7 names who therefore each had a 21.4% chance.
In pot 2 (3rd unsuccessful year) there were 8 names plus the 6 rolled over from pot 1, each with a 7% chance.
Both pots had a significantly better chance than the roughly 4% in the public ballot.


The name drawn from pot one was… Shaun Good

The name drawn from pot two was… David Seymour

We wish them well with training and look forward to cheering them on in London on 3 October 2021.

(We will be arranging a coach in due course)

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